Superhero Sassy

To us, Sassy was a hero.  He didn't look like a typical hero.  He wore no cape, and he didn't fly.  He didn't save the world from super villians, but he did save the world of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid and his family (You'll find his story imbedded amongst the other stories on the blog.).

Hero's come in all shapes and sizes.  Some have left our world for another and some are present in our every day lives.  Sassy showed us that hero's, as well as hope, exist amongst the ordinary of life.

We hope this blog provides stories of hope...stories of every day hero's who make a difference in the world around them.  Hero's are important.  They inspire us...they change us...they leave their mark on us for the better.

Who is your hero?  We hope you leave this sight inspired to make a difference in your world - to be a hero to someone - no matter how big or small.

Walk-on hero's...walk-on!

Liz & Tiffany